1947 Photo Gallery

This photo of Mr. Fitz was used for an article attributed to "James Fitzsimmons", which appeared in the January 8, 1947 Morning Telegraph.

According to an Editor's Note, the regular writer for the "Turf in Review" column was on vacation, and Sunny Jim sat in to write a Guest Column, titled "Noted Trainer Discusses the Needs of Racing; and Offers Little encouragement for Sportsman-Owners". (Bill Fitz)

Possibly Shirley's wedding shower, inside the Fitzsimmons residence - 1174 Sheepshead Bay Road...

Starting on the left and moving clockwise: Nana (Jennie Harvey Fitzsimmons), Beatrice Wynkoop (niece of Nana's step mother, "Aunt Amanda" Wynkoop), Helena Ritter Fitzsimmons (wife of Jim Fitz - John's son), Irene McCarthy Fitzsimmons (wife of Harvey Fitz Sr.), Shirley Fitzsimmons Hornung (Jim Fitz Jr's daughter), Grace Driscoll (?) If so, she was the wife of George Driscoll.  George and Grace lived next door, and he was the son of Sunny Jim's sister, Kate Fitzsimmons Driscoll) and Marilyn Fitzsimmons Moffatt (Shirley's sister). Can't see enough of the 3 women at lower right to identify. (Bill Fitz)

Wedding of Paul Hornung and Shirley Fitzsimmons, in front of 2153 East 34th Street, Brooklyn.

Left to Right:

Man might be Paul's father;

Shirley Fitzsimmons Hornung;

Paul Hornung;

Paul's mother?

Boy is Joe Fitzsimmons;

on steps unknown boy (a Carr?)

Fred Fitzsimmons;

unknown man.