July 23, 1959 - Monmouth Park, New Jersey


Sunny Jim Fitzsimmons Day at Monmouth Park

Mr. Fitz's 85th Birthday




Click on the links below to read some of the telegrams and birthday wishes that Mr. Fitz received on his 85th birthday...
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  • Marshall Cassidy
    Marshall Whiting Cassidy was a race starter and later steward who eventually became racing director for NYRA’s predecessor agencies, and later executive director of The Jockey Club.
    His father, Marshall (Mars) Cassidy, was also a fixture in New York racing as a race starter and the first to use a barrier to start a race.

    His son, Marshall Cassidy (1945 - ) is an American Thoroughbred racing official based in New York State, and a former public address announcer and sportscaster best known for the 18 years he spent as one of the race callers for NYRA.




  • Thomas Piatt
    I believe Mr. Piatt was a well-respected breeder from Kentucky.
    He had a few Kentucky derby entries between the 1920's and 1940's.


  • Dorothy and John Ludewig
    Mr. Ludewig was the executor of the Woodward estate.
    He had something to do with selling Nashua to Leslie Combs in 1955,
    (in a sealed-bid auction) for a record price of $1,251,200.00.